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1. Conclusion of the contract

1.1 The main organizer and coorganizer of trip is Eventio Foundation hereinafter referred to as Organizer, which as organizer set a goal assurance participans optimal conditions of rest. Rules and responsibilities participants determine issued on the basis of art.365 (1) of the CC, the conditions of participation in events organized or co-organized by the Foundation Eventio hereinafter conditions.

1.2 This conditions applies to everybody who decide to take part in trip by means of form application (contained on who pays a fee for the trip in accordance with the payment terms set out in section 2, which is hereinafter referred to as Participant.

1.3 Conclusion of the contract followed by Participant reading program events (the only authorized source of information about the offer is her website: and the Conditions of Participation, which are an integral part of the contract. Acceptance of these conditions shall be made by paying a down payment of 100 PLN.

2. Conditions of payment

2.1 Condition of inclusion of the list is pay 1st rate (100zl), which is treated as an advance and it’s never returned.

2.2 Second rate (400zl) must be paid in 40 days before trip start. Failure of complete payment despite organizer reminders confirms resignation from the trip cause effects referred to in item 7.

2.3 The entire amount for the trip specified in the contract shall be paid by the participant within 20 days before the event . Failure to make full payment within this period, despite adequate warning from the Organizer, confirms to resignation from the event and causes the effects specified in item 7.

2.4. The organizer reserves the right to increase the price of the event due to an increase in exchange rates or due to the increase of transport costs or duties, taxes or charges for services such as airport, loading or reloading, seaports or airports, which are the basis for the calculation of the event. About the Organiser will notify the customer changed immediately in the event of its occurrence, no later than 21 days before the event. During the 20 days before the departure date the price can’t be changed.

2.5. Growth rates authorizes the participant to resign from the event after notification by e-mail about this fact Organizer no later than within three days of receiving notification of the need for subsidies. Payment of a fee without submitting such a statement on the resignation of the event, as well as not making a statement about the resignation signifies your agreement to the proposed change in prices.

3. Evidence (tu można zamienić na Benefits, nie wiem która wersja jest bardziej poprawna)

3.1. The participant has the right to benefits specified in the offer ( the only authorized source of information about the offer is her website : www.the- ) .

3.2. Paid benefits and their terms are final and can’t be changed by the Participant . The failure by the Participant of any of the services within a fixed period does not entitle

him to a refund of all or part of the fee paid to the Organizer . This also applies to cases of refusal to issue a passport or the lack of documents entitling to cross the border, illness or other random cases and cases where the border authorities of individual countries haven’t given permission to enter the participant to their country themselves obvious reasons .

3.3. As part of the fee 50 PLN added to the total cost of an event organizer provides insurance for Participants whose detailed scope Organizer placed on the website www.the- .

3.4. During the conclusion of the contract participant declares that the state of his/her health allows for the participation in the event.

4. The responsibility of the Participant

4.1. From the beginning of the event Member is required to follow the guidance of representatives of the Organizer (the staff ) regarding the implementation of the program of the event. Failure to follow instructions may result representative of the organizer of the event or deleting irrevocable forfeiture of the deposit referred to in item 4.7 .

4.2. The participant is required to hold travel documents (valid identity card or passport).

4.3. Participant is required to compliance with customs regulations and currency in force in Poland , countries of transit and destination .

4.4. In the case of coach trips for the exits and the return are organized stoppages ( no more often than every 4 hours) , participants were able to use the toilet available at the staging . In the case of a stop at the explicit request of the Participant Organizer can be ordered to pay the costs of such a stop .

4.5. Participant is required to comply with law enforcement and security-related fire protection in accommodation and transport – the scope of these provisions is defined in the regulations of individual objects or by the carriers .

4.6. During travelling by bus obligate a total ban on alcohol and smoking on board. In the event of non-compliance with the ban coach crew may require disembarkation of the passenger coach . Organizer shall not be in this situation responsibility for the continuation of the journey through such passenger.

4.7. The condition of accommodation payment is a deposit of 20 euro per person. Deposit will be returned after checking out in the absence of any damage caused by the Participant and his roommates accommodation .

4.8. Participant shall be fully responsible for the damage by yourself or persons under his care damage and is obliged to repair them, and in case of damages Organizer to recover all costs related to this.

4.9. In the case of damage caused in parts of the hotel used by all participants and perpetrators niewykryciu Organizer has the right to a deduction for expenses such destruction from the deposit of all participants.

4.10. The organizer reserves the right to terminate the agreement with immediate effect in the course of its implementation, if the Member inhibit the proper conduct events or exhibits aggressive behavior to other people . All costs in this situation is borne solely by the Participant , and organizer in this case is not obliged to return the Participant of any part of the package .

5. Liability of the Organiser

5.1. The Organiser undertakes to conscientious preparation and realization of benefits purchased by the Participant .

5.2. The organizer reserves the right to cancel tours optional in the case of not to many willing.

5.3. In the case of optional events entered by customers on-site events with local entrepreneurs organizer isn’t responsible for the defective realization.

5.4. In reasonable cases, the organizer may change the framework of the program of the event, date or place of accommodation and hotel / apartment / guesthouse. In such a situation the Organiser is obliged to inform the Participants immediately after the occurrence of these changes . Participant must notify the Organiser of acceptance of the new terms or cancellation of the event with the return of all deposits lodged within three days of receipt of the notice, but no later than the day preceding the start of the event. No response Participant shall be deemed acceptance of the new conditions of participation in the event .

5.5. The organizer isn’t responsible for damages, changes to the program , inconvenience and difficulties arise in the course of the event, and due to reasons beyond his control : for example, weather conditions , state decisions, strikes, riots, the effects of other circumstances of force majeure or attributable to the Participant .

5.6. The organizer isn’t responsible for luggage of Participants even when it’s loss, damage , loss is the result of circumstances not caused by the fault of the organizer , force majeure , fault of the participant or third parties.

5.7. Organizer allows participants luggage allowance for the duration of the event. Weight of hand luggage , which the customer is entitled to 5 kg, while the weight of the main baggage must not exceed 20 kg per person. In the case of winter events is allowed in addition a pair of hardware. In the case of roadside checks or border , the participants holding the baggage exceeding this limit may be charged a financial penalty appropriate to the sanctions imposed by border guards or traffic congestion due to the coach or barricade the fire exit .

5.8. The organizer isn’t responsible for damages caused by the Participant to third parties .

5.9. If a Participant returns or commute from the event at a different time for reasons beyond the Promoter or separated from the group during the event, the Organizer isn’t obliged to provide the Participant directions in order to join the group or return.

5.10. The organizer reserves the right to final decision on the accommodation Participants.

5.11. Location, type, category object is specified by regulations of the country of residence.

5.12. The organizer reserves the right to cancel the event if isn’t to many willing , but not later than 10 days before departure, while in the case of specific threats to life or health of the Participants , the Organizer may cancel the event at any time. The organizer determines the minimum participants for all coach trips for 50 people on a given direction at a given time. The appeal of event organizer shall immediately notify the Participant, and brought by him paying returns within 7 days. In such cases, the Participant shall not be entitled to recover damages for breach of contract .

5.13. The organizer reserves the right to call a group of participants Participants of the event organized by another travel agency , working with the organizer , in the case when the number of participants does not reach the planned minimum.

6. Complaints

6.1. Complaints regarding the services provided should be reported at their place of occurrence pilot to remove them – after returning Organizer is no longer possible to fix any shortcomings .

6.2. If the complaint doesn’t address the effect or was not reported on the site , may be submitted (specifying claims ) within 7 days from the date of completion of the event. The basis for the complaint concerning the quantity or the quality of services is a written complaint sent by registered mail to the address of the organizer. Complaints sent by mail shall be considered delivered only in case of an acknowledgment of receipt by the Promoter mail .

6.3. The organizer is required to consider the complaint within 30 working days from the date of receipt and to give her a written response . The date of the declaration by the Organizer shall be considered the date of deposit of the registered letter containing the answer to the complaint . The Organiser shall not consider a complaint written in such a way that reading them .

7. Cancellation of the event

7.1. Resignation from the event Participant is submitted by email. About the costs of resignation, decide the date of effect of the cancellation to the Organizer.

7.2. Participant is entitled to a refund full payment if the resignation or inability to participate in the event after the organizer. These include:

– Change the essential terms of the Agreement ( changes or radical change in the event program ) . Resignation of these reasons may be within 3 days of receipt of the written notice . No response within this period shall be deemed acceptance of the revised terms of the Agreement;

– Cancellation of the event.

7.3. In case of cancellation the following reasons decisions independent of the Organizer (such as the refusal to issue a passport or visa, no documents authorizing them to cross the borders , failure by the Participant under the contract terms , non-arrival for the collection, disease , or other random events, preventing cross the border by border guards , etc.) organizer may require the Participant to pay for made ​​to prepare and expenditures made ​. The basis for determining the cost of a trip cancellation is the price and the time in which you withdrew from the agreement. Organizer returns the amount paid after deducting the cancellation fees calculated in amount depending on the date of cancellation and the cancellation of up to:

– For more than 40 days before the beginning of the event – 100 zł

– Between 20 and 39 days – 500 zł

– Between 19 and 10 days – 800 zł

– In less than 10 days before the event or missed collection – 100 % of the event.

7.4. If at least 10 days before the event the Participant shall resign , while at the same time raises their willingness to participate in another event whose bid is presented on the website of the organizer ( ), after the confirmation of such a possibility by the Organiser can move 80 % cancellation fees incurred to pay for the reported event .

7.5. If no later than 2 days before the event the Participant will indicate in writing to another person who will succeed to the rights and obligations arising from the contract , after confirmation of the possibility of such a change by the Promoter may make such activities.

8. Final Provisions

8.1. In matters unregulated by the Conditions of the relevant provisions of the Civil Code, the Act of 29 August 1997 on the Protection of Personal Data (Journal of Laws No. 133 , item 883).

8.2. Any disputes that may arise from the implementation of the Agreement shall be settled amicably, failing agreement by the court competent for the Organizer.

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