The Trip

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About The Trip

Welcome to The Trip, the world of adventure, by which you will acquire new friendships, as there’s nothing more integrating than a common journey.

Who are we?
The Trip wyjazdy studenckieThe most accurate term would be ” group of travel freaks ” who cannot sit still anyplace for too long. Several years ago, common journeys joined us as we shared a passion for traveling and meeting new people . Over the years we have developed our skills and qualifications in the field of organizing tourism and animation activities. Through our work we combine business with pleasure , develop our passion and share the enthusiasm with our participants. We want you to love traveling and meeting lots of great people as we do.

What do we offer?
The Trip obozy integracyjneWe give you the opportunity to participate in fully organized holiday, winter and weekend trips, in which the most important thing is to integrate with others and explore the region, where we’re going. We do not want you to once again went on a trip with a travel agency and lay for two weeks on the beach. We want you to remember your trip for a really long time, we want You to get to know the place where we go and in the end, so you hatched true friendships. The Trip is not a travel agency, it’s journeys created with passion, with which want to infect you too.

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